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Top Five Expense Resolutions For 2016

Jan 6, 2016

The best way to make sure that you don’t stick to a New Year resolution, is to make it something…

Is Business Travel Rocketing into the Space Age?

Dec 2, 2015

You’re in London and in three hours time, you need to be in Sydney, Australia for an important business meeting.…

Xero integration now available on Webexpenses

Oct 30, 2015

Research reveals workplace ‘devils’ behind UK expenses fraud

Oct 22, 2015

What is it that makes so many UK employees commit expenses fraud? The latest research commissioned by webexpenses shows the…

Why Marty McFly Needed Expense Management

Oct 21, 2015

Today is “Back to the Future Day”; 21st October 2015,  the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown (aka Michael…

Star to Break James Bond Business Travel Record

Oct 19, 2015

The latest Bond movie, Spectre, will see Daniel Craig travelling further than any Bond before – on Her Majesty’s Service.…

One-click Xero integration now available on Webexpenses

Oct 14, 2015

Want a hassle-free way to integrate your webexpenses data with Xero’s accounting software? That’s not a problem. A single-click is all…

Webexpenses' support hub for clients

New Support Hub – Getting The Best From Webexpenses

Sep 16, 2015

A new support hub is being launched to provide Webexpenses users with the best possible help, information, and advice. The…

User-friendly Design is Key to Managing Expenses

Aug 25, 2015

Why user-friendly design is the core of great expenses management It’s not unusual to hear grumbles about expenses but it’s…

Why paper-based expenses simply don’t cut it

Jul 22, 2015

There are some of reasons that companies typically give for not moving away from paper-based expenses management. Their system may…

Win Buy-in For Expenses Management Systems

Jun 17, 2015

You’ve done the research, you’ve checked out the costs and you’re convinced a move to an expenses management system will…

Welcome to the World of Business Travel…2030

May 14, 2015

One of your employees has selected a hotel for a forthcoming business meeting in Helsinki. As part of your finance…