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How interactive mileage tracking improves expense claims

A simple and flexible way to accurately track road travel is delivered by Webexpenses’ latest release.

The new interactive is an enhancement to the mileage tracking feature. This means that exact routes, including any kind of journey diversions or detours, can be easily and accurately tracked within individual mileage claims.

How does interactive mileage tracking work?

Webexpenses’ business mileage tracking feature allows claimants to plot a journey using their start and endpoints. Users add their postcodes/zip codes and use the interactive maps feature to show the exact route taken.

This can be done using the Webexpenses app or via the website with the system working out the fastest route by default (in line with a company’s standard mileage policy). Afterward, this can be manipulated for accuracy, as needed.

But what about more complex journeys?

With the update, any number of waypoints or destinations can be added to show actual routes taken. These can be added using postcodes/zip codes, location names, or a drag-and-drop map marker.

This feature is particularly useful for occasions when planned routes are changed due to roadworks or traffic congestion. The flexible approach can also handle any multi-step travel arrangements. For example, detours via a branch office or to ridesharing with colleagues.

What are the benefits of accurate business mileage tracking?

The mileage tracking feature provides significant benefits for both claimants and approvers:

Benefits for claimants:

  • Fairer reimbursements - claims based on actual journey routes
  • Flexibility - manages any kind of complex travel plans
  • User-friendly - fast, simple way to record accurate data
  • Mobile ready - manage mileage from anywhere with Webexpenses app

Benefits for approvers

  • Improved visibility - more accurate data on mileage claims
  • Compliance - improved tools to maintain mileage policy
  • Equitable - reduced risks of disputes over distances claimed
  • Reporting - digital data easy to access and manipulate

Why is the effective management of mileage expenses so important?

Mileage has traditionally been the most difficult area of expenses to keep under control. A Webexpenses 2019 global survey on expense fraud, found that 47% of employees admit to having falsified or exaggerated a mileage claim.

Using a traditional approach, claimants are required to provide an estimate of the distance they drove. This creates an inefficient system in which errors and fraud are inevitable.

Digital technology is transforming the way that finance teams can manage and monitor mileage costs. Webexpenses’ latest enhancement provides the accuracy and visibility that are required for effective management and accurate reimbursements.