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Expense management software +
AP automation

Automate your employee expenses, invoice processing + more with our digital business management systems. 

Simplify your expenses, invoices + more


Expense management

Build claims in seconds, track and manage expenses, and increase visibility with drag-and-drop reporting. Our expense system works on desktop or mobile expense app better workflow and control from anywhere.  Integrates with your existing ERP.


Invoice processing

Automates invoice processing eliminates manual AP processes. Our invoice software removes the need for paper-chase and manual data entry. Remotely manage your POs and invoices to accelerate approvals and greater gain control over cashflow from anywhere.



Online transaction and reimbursement platform makes reimbursing employee expenses simple, quick, and easy. Our payments service handles all of your business expense reimbursements for you - removing lengthy admin tasks from your AP team.

Expenses Audit

Expense auditing

An additional safeguard to built-in compliance and duplication and error checks. Our audit service guarantees adherence to your company’s T&E policy. Ultimately saving your finance team time, while avoiding expense overpay and increasing company tax reclaims. 

Why Webexpenses?


Proven platform

Market leaders, we've processed over a billion in expense claims across 70 countries - and with 99% client retention.


Custom + scalable

A solution configured to your specific requirements, it works seamlessly with your processes and evolves with your business.


Per-user pricing

Only pay for active users each month. Once active, users can take advantage of unlimited submissions at no additional cost.


In-house support

100% of support is from our UK, US, and Australia teams. Available 24 hours, accents may change but superior service remains.

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Used by businesses of all sizes, in over 70 countries around the world

Pets at Home Finance Director, Jon White:

"The Webexpenses implementation has been really seamless; really easy and should be held out as an example in terms of how we implement systems across our company. It's been that good."

Admiral Management Accountant, Elinor Bailey:

"Our departments can claim expenses on-the-go, wherever they are - they can claim as they're having their coffee. And then it makes it easier for us because we've got all of the information there live, ready. Webexpenses is easy to use and I wish we'd had it sooner."

Inspirations Paint CFO, Gary Jeston:

"In the past, we had some people putting through claims that they shouldn’t have. Now we’re using, Webexpenses, the workflow is controlled, I’m now the first-line approver and run my eye over everything. I’ve picked up some things that we shouldn’t have been allowing and we’ve changed our expense policy as a result. It’s already yielded returns."

 Adecco Head of Payroll, Michele Whitehead:

"The processing of expense reports is a quicker, slicker process, as is dealing with queries and approval limits. There is much less checking and chasing and entry to completion time have greatly decreased. Claims are easier to read and approve or reject for managers, whilst revisiting and amending claims is easier for staff."

Cambria College Director of Finance, Gareth Jones:

"Key benefits for us from Webexpenses: compliance with our expenses policy and ultimately financial regulations. […] The value added in terms of the online support, in terms of the online user guides, the online videos - but also the helpdesk - have been fantastic. I can honestly say we’ve had no complaints. We’ve clearly chosen the right solution for the task."

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