Invoice Processing

Automated invoice processing software

Accounts payable automation for simple, paperless invoicing

Webexpenses Invoice Processing eliminates up to 90% of manual accounts payable (AP) processes. This means that our software provides greater control and faster processing. The result: simple, automated paperless invoicing.

Finance teams benefit from real-time visibility over the life cycle of supplier invoices. Our AP automation provides greater control, accelerates your approval process, and eases AP tasks from start to finish.

Plus, integrated purchase order automation and supplier invoicing is the perfect partnership for your teams. It brings greater control and faster processing. With the two working together in one system, budget holders will also gain real-time visibility for their own department’s budgets, as well as improve relationships with suppliers.


Transform your AP process and benefit from:


Time saved

Dramatically reduce invoice processing time by automating purchase orders, invoice capture, and approvals.



Enjoy a 100% paperless system, saving you additional printing costs, data loss, and further reducing manual activity.


Visibility and control

Gain access to detailed, real-time invoices and reporting for full visibility and better control over your PO approval process.

Expense management

AP automation

Remove manual entry and coding with automated invoice capture and supplier matching.


Reduced fraud

Built-in tools spot fraudulent and duplicate invoices for automatic fraud detection.



Integrate with your existing financial management tools for a seamless workflow.

Webexpenses Invoice Processing features:


Automatic data capture

OCR technology effortlessly captures and uploads invoice data into the system, and matches invoices to your suppliers.


Complete AP automation

Automate the complete supplier spend process from PO request, to invoice, and approval. 


Instant matching

Template your tax code and approver settings for instant matching and elimination of information rekeying.


Quick delivery

Deliver coded invoices directly to your approvers for instant viewing and approval online - without the need for manual input.


Multi-format support

Easily process, upload, and track a variety of invoice formats including PDF, Excel, Word, and paper-based invoices.


Integrated processing

Validated invoices are delivered directly into your accounting software, including a reference number to ensure full visibility and audit trail

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