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Travel management software

Corporate travel booking and management

We make your business travel easy

Webexpenses Travel is a user-friendly business travel management tool. It is perfectly suited for business travel booking and management. The online booking platform is easier to use than most consumer sites. Plus, there are no hidden fees,  unlike traditional corporate travel agencies.

With Webexpenses Travel software, you pay just one consolidated fee to get the best deals when you book your company travel. Including 24-hour support for easy travel management.

Travel booking also uses industry-leading AI to save time and money. The system remembers user preferences and automatically applies them to new bookings. In addition, the system automatically identifies booked flights not taken and recoups a portion of the travel cost to the business, and uses a group discount to provide the best prices for travel, saving your company up to 25% across flights, hotels, and car rentals.

Webexpenses Travel pairs with our Expense Management software to provide an all in one T&E solution, easing the T&E process for both users and approvers.

Features of Webexpenses Travel software


AI-assisted travel booking

Integrated artificial intelligence (AI) enables machine learning to automatically develop an understanding of travel preferences, meaning your AI booking agent can retrieve itineraries and auto-book software-generated traveler preferences.


Set pre-approvals

Simplify and streamline workflow with travel request verification prior to purchase. An optional pre-trip approval process and lower rate fare checks after the point of purchase for additional savings.


Integrated compliance

Your company’s travel policy is built into the system, ensuring that all travel booked through the software will automatically be within policy. You also have the option of a rewards program to encourage employees to stay within spend limits at no additional cost!


Travel history

See all trips and a full history of travel spend for every employee with monthly invoice reports. Plus, calendar syncs, easy share trip alerts, and social login supply easy visibility of your company's travellers.



Real-time reporting for T&E is available at your fingertips. Financial teams and travelers can auto-export travel data with expense reports and trip overview for simple and fast expense management and reimbursement.


24/7 Support

When you need more than a virtual travel assistant, real human support is available in over 50 languages, any day of the week, any time of day - at no extra cost.

Benefits of Webexpenses Travel software


Worry-free travel

Everyone enjoys stress-free travel by not having to deal with payments during hotel stays worldwide.


Save money

Get the best rates with smarter fares and discounts – all within your company policy.


Get travel rewards

Keep your employees happy and compliant through offering rewards as they travel.


Increase efficiency

Integrate your expense process with travel for seamless workflow for quick expense reporting.