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Expense management app

Claim and approve expenses on the go with Webexpenses easy-to-use app



Webexpenses app for iPhone and Android

Whether you're a Webexpenses claimant or approver, the Webexpenses app provides an efficient, easy to use process when submitting or approving expenses on the go. Our industry-leading Optical Character Recognition (OCR) receipt scanner, powered by Google-vision, allows claimants to capture their receipt data and build an expense claim in seconds.

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Digital receipts

Scan receipts and capture data to automatically build expense claims.


Accurately track business mileage from start to end.


Reinforcement to ensure claims stay within policy.

Mobile approval

Full approval of claims on mobile app.


Digital receipts

Scan receipt and capture data to automatically build expense claims



Accurately calculate business mileage with an interactive map



Ensure claims stay within company policy


Easy-to-use app for users and approvers

Use the Webexpenses app to approve and submit claims 

Download the app for iOS or Android to start building your expenses claims as soon as your trip starts.


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