Expenses Audit

Expense spend auditing service

Ensure spend compliance and reclaims

Webexpenses Expenses Audit serves as an additional safeguard to our expense software’s automatic compliance and duplication checks.

Our audit service guarantees adherence to your company’s T&E policy. In addition, it frees up time for finance teams, managers, and approvers by handling all the receipt audit checks.

Auditing your company expenses can eliminate expense fraud. This means: no more overpay on employee expenses. It may also increase tax reclaims by identifying areas of missed tax credit opportunities.

In turn, expense auditing can pay for itself - and then some!

Plus, the process is very simple:

  1. Using your expense data from our expense software, easily submit claims for approval

  2. Submitted claims are audited for policy compliance, errors, duplicates, tax reclaim amounts

  3. The completed audit will be sent back to your approver


Expenses Audit service features:

Expense fraud prevention

With an impartial team checking each expense cost, it acts as an effective deterrent against fraud and raises the risk for anyone submitting a false claim.

Tax reclaim + compliance

Specialist knowledge of the global tax systems and accurate allocation of costs ensure the most tax reclaim of all legitimate expenses. Plus, the accurate categogies helpsto supply the tax authorities with a reassuring level of accurate and complete information.

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Receipt archiving 

All of the expense receipts processed and audited are systematically archived for full tax compliance.

Error detection

Our auditing team uses their specific expertise to detect errors and issues. Any problems are flagged before the expense reports are submitted for approval, which helps to prevent any issues from becoming costly problems.

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Data insights

Detailed reporting provides insight into a number of key metrics on T&E policy, compliance, and tax regulations.

Real-time reporting

Extract and manage key information with comprehensive and real-time reporting.

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Benefits of expense auditing:


Get your time back

Free up your financial teams and managers/approvers to focus on other, more important tasks.

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Eliminate overpay

Provide your teams with T&E policy compliance assurance to prevent expense fraud and overpay.


Gain visibility

Analyze report details to develop a deeper understanding of spend; streamline financials.


Increase tax reclaim

Boost your tax return with itemized deductions that may have otherwise fallen through the cracks.