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Employee onboarding software

Digitally track new hires from offer to start date

Streamline your new starter onboarding process

Webonboarding is a smarter way to onboard new hires from offer to day one in a new role. It saves time and costs to businesses by streamlining the exchange of onboarding documents between your company and new hires. This kind of virtual onboarding provides a faster and more efficient processing of new employees, streamlines onboarding tasks, and reduces paperwork.

This digital onboard system improves the visibility and tracking for both the team managing the onboarding process and the new employee. By engaging with your new hire sooner, our software aims to provide the best employee onboarding experience possible.

Easily integrate your existing ATS or HR software packages with Webonboarding.  A range of integration options allows you to bridge the ‘onboarding gap' that often exists and sits between recruitment and HR.

For HR and Hiring Teams

Speed up the onboarding workflow and remove lengthy paper-based and email chains by sending and receiving documents such as contracts, offer letters and new starter packs.

With clear visibility and tracking of your preferred candidates' progress, it becomes easier to spot any potential candidate drop-outs early on.

Your new new hires are provided with a consistent and engaging experience and their data is kept safe and secure.

For the Onboardee

A new starter can complete, sign and exchange their onboarding paperwork easily, safely and discreetly via a cloud-based portal.

They can stay connected with their new company, become familiar with the company culture, and communicate any updates or changes before the start date.

New hires can then prepare for day one sooner with pre-reading and videos and engage earlier with their new place of work.

Everything you need to simplify your onboarding


Digital signing

Benefit from fast, simple and secure document handling with Webonboarding's powerful electronic signature feature. Faster processing with instant access to signed documents such as contracts of employment. User-friendly and improved security removes the risk of documents getting lost in transit. Digital signatures are fully accepted as legally binding.


Task management

Provide an outstanding experience by making sure your new starters have everything they need on day one. Assign tasks for key stakeholders during the onboarding process and ensure necessary items for remote work - such as IT equipment and login details - are ready and waiting for the new starter to get up and running straight away.


New hire bulk upload

Take complete control with easy management of bulk data and all the tools needed for fast and efficient admin. The scalable system handles any number of new hires.


Two-way communication

Keep lines of communication open between your HR team, hiring managers, and the new hires. Two-way communication between current employees and your recently-recruited new team member allows for objections and amendments in important documents or processes to be received and changed swiftly.


Custom configuration

Make sure your new starters have everything they need from day one with custom configuration. Items such as IT equipment, security details and more can be easily assigned as key tasks for stakeholders, so that new starting team members can easily experience a smooth onboarding process.


Safe and secure

By using a digital tool for your onboarding you are keeping new hire details safe towards GDPR compliance, secure, and reducing the risk of data breaches.

Benefits of the Webonboarding virtual employee onboarding tool


Faster employee onboarding process

Automate high-volume onboarding tasks, and prepare and send information for a new hire in less than 10 minutes. Don’t leave a new hire waiting for the post to arrive with their important documents!


Less errors

Reduce the need for manual data entry and costly admin errors, ensuring personal employee data is kept safe and secure.


Better employee experience

Improve employee engagement and retention by freeing up time to spend it on what matters most: your people.


24-hour support

Ensure a smooth transition and user satisfaction with our 24-hour support.