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Mileage tracking and verification

Eliminate errors with Webexpenses simple,

cost-effective mileage calculation

Webexpenses App: Mileage Calculation feature

Submit mileage expenses in the Webexpenses app

The Webexpenses app removes any reliance on business travel mileage estimates. It provides a simple, accurate, and reliable way of managing and submitting mileage expenses. The interactive map feature enables users to plot their journey for an accurate mileage claim. Users can calculate mileage by using waypoints or the drag and drop feature allows claimants to include an alternative route if, for example, there’s a road closure.

How Webexpenses mileage calculation works:

  • Set your from and to locations by using an interactive map
  • In just a few clicks, offset-mileage can easily be switched on by a company administrator
  • Claimants will see their offset mileage distance when creating and submitting their mileage claim
  • Your companies expense policy can be added to the system to prevent inaccuracies

Point-to-point mileage calculation


Eliminate travel overspend


Configure to your company policy

What are mileage expenses?

Mileage expenses are the costs incurred when using a vehicle for business purposes. The employee reimbursement of these mileage costs is based on company policy or standard mileage rates. Mileage expenses are the most commonly claimed form of business expenses.

For many companies, mileage expenses are the second-largest controllable cost after salaries. A global survey found that 47% of employees admit to submitting exaggerated or false mileage claims.

Reduce overspend with Webexpenses app

Exaggerated and falsified mileage claims have become an endemic problem and are the most common form of employee expense fraud.

By using Webexpenses mileage calculation feature, the distance travelled is accurate and managed by the approver. Approvers are alerted if the calculated mileage has been amended by the claimant - offering full transparency to the alternative route.

With the Webexpenses app, businesses can avoid overspending on mileage claims and save on time spent approving the correct mileage submitted. Watch our short platform refresher on mileage to see how easy it is to get started.