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Credit card management and reconciliation

Automates and simplifies corporate credit card management for faster reconcilation

Improved accuracy

Improved accuracy with no manual entry


Intelligent Receipt Matching to reconcile credit card spend


Easy-to-use for claimants and admins

Automate how you manage and reimburse company credit card expenses

Remove the need for manual entry submissions by importing credit card payments to your Webexpenses system or use a secure, direct feed from your bank. Webexpenses credit card management feature provides businesses:

  • Integration with all major credit card and online banking vendors
  • Easy reporting for admins
  • A secure, safe and PCI compliant process
  • Accurate claims with Intelligent Receipt Matching

With Webexpenses credit card feature, businesses can:

  • Improve visibility on credit card spend
  • Reduce backlog of receipts
  • Save time reconciling claims

What are corporate credit cards used for?

Corporate credit cards are a popular way for companies to manage their employees’ expense spend. It means that business expenses can be paid using a company credit card rather than an employee’s personal credit card or cash. By using corporate cards, finance teams maintain better control and visibility of business expenditure.

How to manage credit card expenses with Webexpenses

Webexpenses credit card feature automates the entire process from point of spend to reconciliation. It removes any manual entry of company credit card spend. With Intelligent Receipt Matching, expenses are auto-matched to the best-matched receipt for each item on the credit card - resulting in easy claim submission and a quick reconciliation process.