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A major UK survey of user satisfaction levels has placed webexpenses as one of the UK’s top-rated finance software services .

The research was carried out by AccountingWEB and involved more than 15,000 users giving their independent ratings on business software used by their organisation.

The in-depth ratings compiled for the Software Satisfaction Awards include user feedback on all aspects of the experience - everything from the software’s effectiveness to ease of use and pricing.

Webexpenses finished with the second highest rating for the expenses management category - and was the top rated dedicated expenses management service.

It’s a considerable achievement for webexpenses considering that some major competitors failed to attract the user numbers needed to make the final shortlist.

Rachel Gregan, webexpenses’ Head of Marketing, said: “A major thanks to all our customers who took the time and effort to complete this survey.

“It’s great to have had such a positive response but what’s more important now is using all of our customer feedback, the good and the bad, to improve webexpenses.”

The top user rating for the expenses management category was Free Agent which provides a range of accounting services and specialises in the freelance and sole trader market .

The results from the survey now provide Webexpenses with a wealth of in-depth feedback on all aspects of our service which will be used to help guide development.

Thanks again to all of our customers who took the time to complete the survey.