Why building a world class stadium and improving your invoice processing are not too dissimilar!

On the 27th of November we hosted our first UK Invoice Processing Roadshow at the new, state-of-the-art Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium in London. You may be wondering, why this location? Well, the two have more in common than you may think…

1.Recognise the value of face to face

In a digitally-dominated world with instantaneous access and immediate results, face-to-face meetings are often overlooked. It’s why we wanted to go back to basics – and host a face-to-face client event with presentations from our experienced team. Through the event, we gave the opportunity for attendees to learn more about Webexpenses and build relationships with our team.

Despite being in London, people travelled from all over the UK and Ireland. We believe that if you can deliver value people will come and see you. This was reflected in attendee numbers, with upwards of 60 people joining us for the day.

Much like our event, we believe this is why premier league football stadiums sell out across the country. Despite more matches available to watch online than ever before, a live experience can never be replaced by a digital one.

2.Think outside of the box to meet customer needs

During the event we made it a priority to speak with clients and listen to issues they face with their current processes. We found that 95% still use a manual process to manage invoices. No matter the industry, invoices are a reality of any organisation. Therefore using technology to drive efficiency for this task can only be beneficial.

The popular stadium tour provided at the end of the day showed us examples of how creative thinking tackles inefficiency. A key need in any football stadium is to serve drinks. Tottenham have the capability to serve 60,000 pints of beer in just 10 minutes. Most clubs order beer to fulfil this demand.

Through using stadium space to build their very own brewery, Tottenham now meets the demand with a more efficient solution. This has also created new employment opportunities and increased overall margins.

3. Solve the problem, rather than focus on the issue

As mentioned previously, invoices are part of any business. Naturally, the more successful you become, the more invoices there are to process. The challenge is not to remove the invoices, but to process them more efficiently. Our tool allows smart organisations to automate the process, saving valuable time and money.

The Tottenham stadium is built with the dual purpose of hosting both football and NFL American Football matches. Those who visit Wembley stadium to watch the NFL will know that a number of front row seats cannot be sold. This is due to 50 American Football-stature players standing either side, blocking the view for fans.

Tottenham tackled this issue by building a retractable grass pitch. The pitch divides into three sections before sliding under the South Stand to reveal an artificial pitch underneath for NFL fixtures and other major events. This offers flexibility whilst protecting the grass surface used for Tottenham Hotspur fixtures. It allows fans to see all the action and ensure all of the seats are sellable. A great example of not just fulfilling an issue but using technology to solve a wider problem.

Tottenham really tunes in to what their target audience wants. Building a state-of-the-art stadium caters for their needs through the use of smart technology. It’s something we feel our Invoice Processing software does for our clients, bringing efficiency, and saving  time and money.

The future of Webexpenses events

Moving forward, we are excited to take our Roadshow to various locations around the UK and to help more businesses with their invoice processing requirements. If you were unable to attend our recent roadshow, there’s another chance to see Webexpenses Invoice Processing in action. Join our webinar ‘Simple, paperless invoicing’ on Wednesday the 4th of December 2019, from 4:00pm – 4:30pm.