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Ace your expenses: choose a digital system

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July marks arguably one of the most important sporting events in the British calendar, Wimbledon. The two week tournament that brings non-tennis fans to the brink of shouting at the television and the dedicated followers to camp out come rain or shine for the chance to watch their idols on centre court.

Whilst we watch Murray compete and ‘discuss’ the price of Pimms when attending Wimbledon we never stop to consider the enormous expenses that are racked up by the players to get to this professional standard.

Interestingly enough in 2013, Forbes reported that American tennis player, Michael Russell travelled 8,628 miles to get to a week long tennis tournament in Manta, Ecuador and despite winning barely broke even. This seems to be the case for many tennis players striving for the big time, with the Tennis Federation’s Pro Circuit 2013 Review, reporting that the average yearly T&E expenditure being $38,800 for male players and $40,180 for female players.

With the average performance player competing in around 40 to 50 tournaments a year, it can be a pretty costly hobby to have, and not to mention a time consuming job for the finance teams that have to wade through the mountains of expense receipts.

A digital system like Webexpenses unburdens the frustration of managing expenses and seamlessly streamlines the entire process. With our mobile app you can now manage your expenses on the go, removing the paper trail and allowing you to build claims wherever you are in the world. Our Mileage tracker offers point to point recognition, automatically calculating mileage so you don’t have to.

Webexpenses offers a flexible solution that can be used anywhere, any time, reducing errors and process time so you can concentrate on that all-important match point.