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Five Reasons to Automate Expense Management

Content from our Australia office from our Australia office

The main reason businesses move over to automated expense management systems is simple…it provides a faster and more efficient way to control company costs.

A system such as Webexpenses will typically reduce processing times by 25 percent and cut system errors by as much as 43 percent when compared to traditional paper and spreadsheet-based methods.

But while these kinds of bottom-line savings sell themselves, they don’t fully convey the fundamental advantages unlocked by switching to an automated expense system. The true power goes beyond savings; it provides a more flexible, adaptive, and secure way to operate, one which is attuned to the demands of today’s business world.

It’s helping companies to harness these benefits that continue to be the mission for Webexpenses. We have helped organisations throughout the globe to tame out-of-control employee expenses.

This experience and knowledge have been used to create a webinar that helps to provide a much fuller picture of the practical business advantages that are provided by an automated system.

One of our experts will take you through the five main areas which deliver quantifiable boosts to business. These are:

Saving time and money

A digital system provides a much faster way of working than any traditional expense setup. But how much are you likely to save? The webinar will look at the typical benefits you can expect to achieve.

Reducing workplace fraud

With Australian companies losing around $345 million each year to workplace fraud and false invoicing being the second largest cause, we’ll look at how digital tools are helping to shield organisations from these risks.

Mastering mileage costs

Find out how technology is tackling one of the trickiest areas of expense management to control. We look at how automated processes remove the need for a reliance on employees providing road journey ‘guesstimates’.

Smarter mobile working

As our workforces become more mobile, it’s essential that our expense systems have the flexibility and scalability to handle the increased demands. It’s an area where traditional systems are no longer fit for purpose.

Reporting and visibility

Automated systems generate accurate data on every aspect of your reimbursement costs. We will explore how effective management of this information can fundamentally change the way expenses are monitored and managed.

The webinar has been created to provide the kind of in-depth insight into the advantages of expense automation that most businesses only appreciate after they’ve made the switch. It provides a level of knowledge that allows any organisation considering a digital system to make an informed decision.

The event takes place at 10:30 am (AEST) on Tuesday, September 12. You can sign up here. If you can’t make the live event, sign-up and we will send you a link to a recording of the webinar.