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Leading Clothing Brand Tom James Finds Perfect Fit With Webexpenses

Creating a bespoke product to help manage business expenses

It’s style, simplicity and exceptional service that has helped to make Tom James Company the world’s largest provider of bespoke clothing.

The company’s vertically integrated approach means that they control the entire manufacturing process, ‘from sheep to suit’, allowing them to ensure value and quality.

They are able to combine a manufacturing heritage, which dates back to 1836, with all of the convenience and simplicity of today’s digitally connected customer services.

It’s this approach which was behind the company’s search for a better way to handle their employees’ expenses.

Previously they had been using traditional administrative methods, with paper documents, receipts and Excel spreadsheets which were manually handled.

A tailored solution for smarter expense management

By making the switch to Webexpenses, they have been able to streamline the whole expense process, significantly reducing the administrative burden.

Simon Herring, Tom James Company’ Financial Controller, stated:

“The time saved has been massive for the team. We no longer have to work through masses of paper and Excel sheets, with all of the paper receipts having to be stored.”

The benefits delivered by Webexpenses’ paperless process allow business travellers to instantly convert any paper receipts they receive into a digital format.

Managing global expenses with ease

With a global operation and a service model which brings fine clothing directly to their clients’ homes and offices, efficient travel administration is essential for Tom James Company.

Webexpenses is designed to handle all the challenges of a global operation with automated currency conversions and a cloud-based system which allows expenses to be managed from anywhere in the world.

Tom James Company was launched in 1966 by self-made businessman Spencer Hays. It was born out of his love for fine clothing and the desire for simpler and more satisfying ways to shop.

You can read the full case study on what Simon had to say, here.

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