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Underground Coffee Roasters choose smoother way to manage expenses

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Finding the best processes to deliver perfect results - that’s what’s driven the success of Underground Coffee Roasters. With an absolute passion for coffee, the company has grown from a basement in Christchurch to a renowned brand that’s sipped throughout the nation. Providing cafés, shops and barista training – they have a passion for unadulterated coffee and the finest roasting processes.

But the search for the best processes doesn’t just apply to roasted coffee beans, it’s something they apply to every aspect of the business. That includes finding smarter ways to handle employee expenses. As the company grows, having to manually manage paper receipts was becoming more of an admin burden.

Search for a smarter system

What they wanted to be a faster and simpler expense system, one that was easy-to-use and provided all the tools need to effectively manage costs. The solution they found was Webexpenses.

The switch to a cloud-based system means no longer being reliant on cumbersome paper-based processes. Webexpenses expense app allows any paper receipt to be instantly converted into a digital format.

It means the whole process can be automated - significantly reducing the time it takes to create and process reimbursement claims. Typically, a switch to Webexpenses reduces processing by around 25%.

Elle Donaldson, trainer and sales support at Underground Coffee Roasters, said the user-friendliness of Webexpenses that really stood out. She said:

Simplicity was most important to us. We needed everything to be quick and easy-to-use, and all together in one place.

By reducing the time needed to handle expenses, the company can keep focused on creating the greatest tasting coffees. That’s helped by their use of a patented Sivetz air roaster.