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Don’t let fraudulent mileage expenses go unnoticed in your business

Content from our United Kingdom office from our UK office

On average 19% of UK office workers admit to exaggerating an expense claim, whether it’s claiming that weekend meal back or an extra 5 miles on that business trip - if it can go unnoticed, it might be all too tempting for your employees.

‘Rounding up’ mileage is a common occurrence in businesses, typically adding another £5-10 to a mileage claim may seem so minuscule at the time, but per employee, it can have long-term detrimental effects.

With over 47% of those admitting to fiddling with expenses also exaggerating on mileage claims, it becomes that small crack in your windscreen that goes unnoticed at first but the longer you leave it the more severe the damage.

Take a look at how a digital solution like Webexpenses can provide a smarter way to handle the mileage and fix that crack in your expense management system.

Flexible configuration

Mileage configuration and reporting is tailored to meet the individual needs of the business, to ensure both the finance team and claimant have full visibility of what can and cannot be claimed.

Webexpenses can be set up to cater for standard rates, HMRC rates, fuel cards and company cars, flagging up any out-of-policy claims, enabling the approvals process to be even quicker.

Mileage tracking

The Webexpenses mobile app is integrated with Bing maps enabling automatic calculation of the point-to-point mileage recognition when journey planning. The mobile app removes the need to guesstimate mileage, reducing the temptation to submit fraudulent claims.

Follow the link to explore how Webexpenses expense management software can prevent exaggerated mileage claims becoming an issue in your business or download The Smart Way to Manage Mileage Expenses.