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Expense Management During the Holidays | Webexpenses

Consider expense management this holiday season

The holidays are upon us! This means preparing our Thanksgiving meals, which can be overwhelming: lots of mouths to feed, last minute grocery runs, multiple items in the oven and on the stove. One thing you shouldn’t have to worry about is if you have been reimbursed properly for business travel expenses. As a business owner or financial manager, you don’t want to have employees who haven’t been properly taken care nor do you want to spend your holidays going through piles of receipts and other travel expenses. Start Thanksgiving and holiday financial planning the right way:

Create expense reports effortlessly and promptly with an expense app and get reimbursed faster than it takes to eat that piece of pumpkin pie.

Step 1: Scan your receipts

Start by hovering your mobile device over the receipt, Webexpenses’ ACR technology - a more robust and advanced version of OCR - does the rest for you by automatically updating all of your relevant data fields. 180 minutes per claim are saved by those that use our automated invoice and reimbursement process: enough time to cook your average Thanksgiving turkey!

Step 2: Upload with ease

After you’ve scanned your receipt, it will automatically upload the information from the receipt. The data is turned into a line item in your expense report. You can say goodbye to duplications, expense fraud, and mandatory manual entry! And say hello to automatic mileage verification and custom spend limits guarantee policy compliance.

Step 3: Submit and receive reimbursement approval quickly

As a business finance team member, you can enjoy your time away from the office with easy approval from any location with mobile approval. Employees can feel at ease knowing their claim is built in a matter of seconds; ready for reimbursement upon approval. You can keep track of any progress updates in real time so you can sit back and enjoy your Thanksgiving meal and expense reports can be approved by your manager on their mobile device. This quick turnaround ensures quick reimbursement – in time for all that Black Friday spending!

Enjoy your holidays without added stress and time away from family and friends. For more information, check out why we are a leading business travel expense management provider or contact us directly.

Happy Thanksgiving from the Webexpenses family to yours!