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Konica Minolta Marketing Services

Konica Minolta case study




Konica Minolta Marketing Services (KMMS) is the product of three highly successful businesses: Charterhouse, Ergo, and Indicia. "With the sole mission of getting closer to our clients and helping them get closer to their audiences."

Their parent company Konica Minolta started their journey when they acquired Charterhouse, which had almost 50 years of experience in the print and marketing space. Secondly, Ergo, who have a huge presence in the APAC region, based in Sydney. They are a print management juggernaut and a heritage in producing world-leading marketing automation technology. Lastly, Indicia, a communications agency with decades of experience in data and analytics, CRM and creative.

We had a chance to hear from Mahalakshmi(ML) Dsouza, APAC Finance Director and Vivien Cox Director, Operations APAC about how Webexpenses has helped the companies so far.

Mahalakshmi(ML) Dsouza, APAC Finance Director explains about why an expense management solution was needed:

One of the first things I noticed upon joining Konica Minolta Marketing Services in September 2018 was a remote team and a small group of frequent travellers. But the process was completely manual creating a great opportunity for exploring an expense solution.

What were your experiences of Webexpenses from sales through to the implementation?

Webexpenses lies in the congruence of values with KMMS such as speed to market, effectiveness and simplicity. The experience from sales, demo to implementation and support was very well planned, steered and executed seamlessly. The previous successful roll-out of Webexpenses for Singapore and Hong Kong markets was also a big plus.

Which features of Webexpenses are key for your users so far?

As for the ease of submitting claims, Webexpenses has transformed the experience in general. Love the OCR function that allows my Finance team to detect duplicate receipts and the check function against travel policy. Even our internal audit team was delighted with the petty cash report, automated via Webexpenses.

What key benefits have Webexpenses brought so far?

Webexpenses has allowed us to consolidate the expense management process within global shared services and saved time for individual finance folks processing claims for their respective locations. Avoiding paper and stickies is another plus for sustainability. It has also forced us to rethink and continuously evolve our internal processes on expense management. I look forward to the travel management portal from the team that brought us Webexpenses.

Vivien Cox, Director, Operations APAC adds:

After ten years managing expenses via spreadsheet, KMMS finally have a web-based tool that enables us to manage expenses in an efficient and simple way. No more collating and submitting paper receipts and hoping for the best.

The benefits of Webexpenses are extensive:

  • Simple, streamlined workflow
  • Intuitive navigation
  • Responsive UI design
  • Easy reference of claim status and all claims submitted.

I travel extensively and the flexibility to manage my expenses ‘on the run’ means I don’t spend hours when I return collating and submitting my claim. As a major approver of expense claim, it is very simple to review and validate claims including adding notes/comments regarding specific items within the claim. Email prompts to remind me of the actions I am required to take.

The feedback throughout the business has been extremely positive.

If you're interested in finding out more about how Webexpenses can help you like we have helped KMMS, please feel free to get in touch or book your demo.