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Step-by-step guide to financial digital transformation

In July 2020, we conducted a study with over 1,100 of our Webexpenses users… 93% of respondents expect the pandemic will be a catalyst for digital transformation within their business. 24% say their work has been taking longer with 25% having struggled to do their job effectively. If you’re coming up against these kinds of barriers but want to scale up your business, now’s the time to review a key area of your finance function - your ERP/accounting system.

Take a look at our step-by-step guide to financial digital transformation:

Step 1: Recognise that the impact of COVID-19 on businesses means that digital transformation is now essential to survive

Step 2: Review and acknowledge any technological challenges you may be experiencing with your current ERP/accounting system - it’s likely your business has outgrown the current process and/or system.

Step 3: Listen to your colleagues. Has business productivity been lost with teams not able to do their jobs effectively?

Step 4: Download our ‘COVID-19 and Digital Transformation Report for the full findings and advice.

Step 5: Complete the lead form below and our team will be in touch with next steps for a switch to the next level in ERP/accouting software.