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A Leading Expense Management Provider Needs a Robust CPA Partner

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Webexpenses enjoys sharing a little about the businesses we work with, and why and how they work with us. This month, we’ll be spotlighting Romano & Associates, CPA, PC, based in New York, NY.

Romano & Associates had a dream of opening a great accounting firm since back in the early 90’s. That dream has since become a reality. They created an environment where exceptional service continues to exceed client expectations. You will find their certified public accountants (CPAs) to be responsive, professional and extremely knowledgeable. Their services include but are not limited to bookkeeping, individual tax, business tax, international tax, QuickBooks Pro advisors, and tax planning, they do this all while providing expert assistance, analysis, management, and compliance.

Romano & Associates knows saving their clients time and money in multiple ways is crucial. Employees need to save paper receipts for every expense incurred while on the road. These receipts are then attached to reimbursement forms and submitted to accounts payable. This is where Webexpenses comes in, not only do we offer an expense reporting cloud-based software that is able to integrate seamlessly with accounting systems, payroll systems and has an open API compatibility to build any integration necessary while offering a mobile expenses app that allows you to go paperless with your receipts. This allows ease of use for all users involved.

It is important to keep receipts with notes for 3 years, while some should be kept for 7 years, with a rule of thumb to keep them for as long as possible due to the IRS being able to go back at their own discretion. This is where expense management software and technology have really changed the process for accounts payable departments throughout all businesses, Francis Molina, Tax Manager, said in an interview.

It’s crucial to keep receipts organized and legible in the event of an audit, or even the sale of a business. Using Webexpenses and QuickBooks together minimizes manpower and errors. By knowing how much is spent in each category, we can compare to prior periods.

Webexpenses knows that it’s only a matter of time until all CPA firms use an automated process to save themselves and their clients time and money. Using expense reporting tools drastically reduces time spent chasing down receipts. Our mobile expenses app allows you to upload incurred expenses on the spot as an employee. By doing this, companies can understand the financial performance of their business better and seek ways to improve profitability, employee spend and manage cash flow to name a few.  

Webexpenses values the business relationship with Romano & Associates and appreciates being a part of the growth and success of their team. We can’t say enough about the team that we work with there and encourage our other clients and partners to consider Romano & Associates if you have needs for a competent CPA firm.

Click here to visit their website and learn more about their business - or contact us if you'd like to hear how Webexpenses can help you.