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Previewing the webexpenses iPhone App launching March 2011

As we promised in our look at what’s new for 2011 last month, we’re launching our Webexpenses App in beta for the Apple iPhone at the end of March. Here’s a sneak preview….

With the iPhone firmly established as a business tool it’s now time for us to join the App revolution. This marries the great expenses management capability of Webexpenses to the remarkable mobile usability of the Apple iPhone.

Webexpenses is a natural fit with the concept of the mobile App because the majority of expenses are incurred out of office. Having the App handy on the iPhone means that expenses can be entered on the go, ensuring efficient use of travelling time and immediate processing of receipts before they get lost.

To allow users to adapt to the App quickly, we’re going to start by using a ‘micro-tasking’ strategy that focuses on the features required to support receipt capture and claim details. A few simple screens walk you through the claim entry from start to finish. We make use of data picking from lists, minimising the use of the soft keypad. The App integrates with the iPhone camera to allow the attachment of photo proof of the receipt. It’s easy to enter more items or review submitted items, and a sync icon lets you know if the item is updated to the company’s Webexpenses system. Simple!

As users become more familiar with the App tool over the next year we’re going to gradually roll out more features to provide a fuller Webexpenses experience on the move. Accompanying these come improvements to underlying technologies in line with evolving standards. With working on the move only increasing, webexpenses is set to offer a smoother, slicker and more productive future to mobile workers.

Click this link to see the features and benefits that Webexpenses has to offer.