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How Webexpenses helped Healthcare at Home handle growth

Content from our United Kingdom office from our UK office

It’s the largest provider of home healthcare services in the UK, providing care for more than 150,000 patients each year. The success of Healthcare at Home has been built on their ability to provide quality, efficient and reliable services.

To maintain these standards requires having robust administrative structures in place, able to handle the considerable challenge of managing more than 1,500 employees, operating throughout the UK.

This was why they chose Webexpenses to solve the problems they had been experiencing with the management of employee expenses. Previously, they were using manual processes with paper claims being posted by claimants and then transferred onto spreadsheets.

It created a slow system with the painstaking administrative task of having to manually transfer a constant flow of information into their internal system. It also meant being at the mercy of the postal service, with posted claims and receipts regularly going missing.

Fully automated expense solution

The move to Webexpenses provided a fully automated solution with manual tasks and paperwork being replaced by fast and efficient automated processes. With the whole operation managed digitally, it makes it completely scalable.

Denise Pudner, Payroll Manager at Healthcare at Home, said:

Webexpenses is a more efficient way of processing claims - beforehand we were using spreadsheets and paper forms. We find the system very beneficial for all users, we’re glad we implemented this solution.

One particularly beneficial feature for Healthcare at Home is Webexpenses’ reporting suite, allowing data on every aspect of employee expenses to be easily accessed and manipulated. Reports that would previously take hours, or even days, to collate can be created in minutes.

Fast, efficient and simple expenses

All of the expense information collected via Webexpenses is exported into Healthcare at Home’s payroll system, creating a simple, fast and secure workflow. Tracy Hardy, Payroll Team Leader at Healthcare at Home, said:

“It’s a very efficient and effortless way of working. It's online and user-friendly with brilliant tutorials and videos to make it easy to use. The reporting side of things is excellent and, really importantly, there’s a dedicated support team."

Webexpenses is designed with the flexibility to meet the specific needs of each client - irrespective of scale or complexity. It makes it the ideal solution for any growing business, providing flexibility and scalability to evolve along with the company.

You can find out for yourself the benefits of switching your business to Webexpenses by requesting a demo here.