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Webexpenses: helping build a winning finance team

Technology has transformed the way our finance teams work over the past 10 years. It has removed so much of the repetitive slog involved in collecting and processing data.

But one of the challenges of being a part of such a fast-moving world - is trying to keep up with it. Because, unlike computers, we can’t instantly update our brains with the latest 2.1 accountancy patch.

We are taught a certain way of doing things and it takes time to adapt and learn new methods. And the skills we need to use are constantly changing as the need to collect and manually process data are replaced by a much greater focus on analysing data.

So Webexpenses is going to take a look at how you and your finance team can stay ahead of the game with an exploration of some of the issues and challenges we now face, as well as a look at what may lie ahead.

Here’s a taste of what we have planned:

• Changing role of the Finance Director
• Then and now - how job has changed over past 20 years
• Recruitment expert gives tips on finding the best employees
• The future role of the FD - how is role going to evolve?
• Top tech tools to help manage your team
• Does size matter? How is technology affecting the size of finance teams?

By the end of it, you should have all the information and advice needed to become the Jose Mourinho of the finance world, managing a table-topping accounts team.