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Why Probrand Chose us to Streamline Operations

IT service provider Probrand has built its reputation on a track record of helping businesses to maximise the benefits of technology. Webexpenses felt confident that they could help fortify Probrand's internal operations to be reflective of their outbound efficiency.

Serving more than 3,500 companies across the UK, the Birmingham-based company deliver IT services which have the power to transform business operations.

It’s an attitude which applies to their own ways of working, as the company looks for ways technology can improve and streamline their internal administrative structures.

One area they focused on was the management of employee expenses. Probrand faced the challenge of using a paper-based system with information having to be manually transferred.

They wanted to move over to an expense management software which would allow claims to be quickly built online whilst also providing the reporting tools required to analyse and monitor expense costs.

Smarter management solution

The provider they chose was Webexpenses - a cloud-based system which provides a fast, simple and scalable way to effectively manage and control employee expenses.

Along with the core speed and efficiency savings, a key feature for Probrand that Webexpenses had to offer was the ability to automate the calculation of VAT with correct HMRC fuel rates being applied to mileage claims.

Isabel Jeynes, HR Business Partner at Probrand explains:

With a number of our team being on the road - our engineers and sales representatives, the expenses app will save our employees time uploading receipts on the go rather than waiting until month end and searching for paper receipts.

The use of an expenses app with its Google Vision-powered OCR receipt scanning feature allows paper receipts to be converted into digital receipts - allowing claims to be built in less than 20 seconds.

The whole management process is handled digitally, with automated triggers and on-screen notifications to help ensure that an expense policy is understood and properly adhered to.

Webexpenses were able to provide Probrand with a fully scalable system that’s future-proofed to handle the challenges of an evolving company in today’s dynamic business environment.

Probrand has more than 15 years experience as a trusted provider - supplying a range of quality services which include managed security, backup and proactive support.

They mix a ground-breaking digital marketplace with a team of technical experts, allowing the company to provide a winning combination of human and digital service provision.

If you're interested in finding out more about Webexpenses and the solutions we offer, contact us today.