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Survey Reveals More Than 40% Fiddle Expenses

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More than eight in 10 workers have never had expense claims challenged or declined, according to research by software company Webexpenses.

It found that 42% of workers felt they could make fraudulent claims that would be unlikely to be challenged, providing they were “sensible”.

The most common claim was for transport (57% of respondents), with almost half of those claiming for mileage extending the number of miles they had travelled. According to 43% this was acceptable because “everyone over-claims” so they did not see an issue with it.

More than half of workers (51%) believed that if they travelled for work, they deserved a treat, and 16% confessed to treating themselves, their partner or children while away on a business trip.

Just over a quarter (26%) had specifically asked taxi drivers for blank receipts so they could exaggerate the cost.

Businesses could be losing around £100m a year to falsified and exaggerated claims, calculated Webexpenses, with the average number of false claims reported as 11.

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