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Make sure you’ve always got your customer’s vote

Content from our United Kingdom office from our UK office

Last week’s snap election to increase the conservative party's majority, left most of the British public unsure of what result they were going to wake up to on Friday. With Theresa May’s desired outcome not having gone to plan, we explore the potential business lessons that can be taken from this election.

It’s believed where it went wrong for Theresa May was the inability to use her resources effectively to support her campaign and perhaps becoming a bit complacent in the process.This scenario is parallel to the main issues faced in business, taking customer loyalty for granted and reducing the quality of service offered. It’s fundamental to understand that the customer is the main ingredient to the success of the business and therefore, it’s crucial to look after them and listen to their needs.

Although he didn’t win the majority, Jeremy Corbyn led a successful strategy due to consistency with his policies and campaign. He listened to his audience and strategically won over voters by ensuring their best interests were at the heart of his campaign.

So what’s important to take away from this series of events? A high customer retention rate is what all businesses want, but does it mean you slow down after you’ve got it? At webexpenses, we see it as a challenge to grow bigger and continuously outdo ourselves. We ingrain our company mantra ‘always exceed expectations’ into everything we do and every decision we make as a business. We are constantly reviewing and improving processes to ensure we are always listening and improving as an organisation.

Webexpenses believes the key to success and keeping your customers happy is letting them be a part of the growing process, listening to their needs and doing the basics really well.

Take a look at our client case studies to see how we got the vote of so many different companies. If you want to see how webexpenses can be the solution for your business, request a demo by signing up, here.