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Workforce Development Trust Switch to Us

Bettering the internal workforce with improved expense management

The success of the Workforce Development Trust (the WD Trust) is based on their ability to help employers to build their ultimate workforces.

The Bristol-based charity group provides the support and training that’s required to boost the skills, knowledge and productivity of UK employees.

The effectiveness of their approach sees them working with a wide range of organisations - from NHS Trusts and police services to industries and the armed forces.

As the charity continues to grow, they started to look for more scalable ways to manage their employee expenses.

The switch to Webexpenses means they now benefit from an automated approach with the streamlined process helping to cut times for the finance team.

Managing challenges of growth

Laura Baggaley, Financial Controller of the WD Trust, explained:

“We were keen to find a system that saved our claimants but also our finance team, time.

“Our business had expanded and more people were putting through expenses, we needed a new process that could handle our business growth.

“I had also used Webexpenses at a previous business - I loved it and had confidence with the system.”

Before making the switch, the charity arranged for a face-to-face meeting with a Webexpenses’ representative for a hands-on demonstration and to make sure all boxes were ticked.

With everything in place, they launched a pilot scheme and the success of this allowed them to roll Webexpenses out across the group a month before originally planned.

The success of the pilot-tested approach

Laura Baggaley stated:

“We initially pilot-tested with a small group - it covered different stages which included mileage, mobile app testing, reporting, claim building and approving, plus many more areas.

“This went extremely well and we decided to ‘go live’ with Webexpenses a month ahead of the planned date that was originally put forward.”

The WD Trust acts as the parent company for Skills for Health, Skills for Justice, SfJ Awards, and People 1st International. The charity group is governed by a board of trustees, with a commitment to put people at the heart of everything they do.

If you're interested in finding out more about we worked with The Workforce Development Trust to better their expenses process, please get in touch or request a demo.