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Why Marty McFly Needed Expense Management

Today is “Back to the Future Day”; 21st October 2015,  the day that Marty McFly and Doc Brown (aka Michael J Fox and Christopher Lloyd) travelled to in the classic blockbuster movie, Back to the Future 2 in 1989.

So, we may not have self-tying shoelaces (unless you are the Magician Dynamo) or hoverboards to get around on (more to the pity), however there were some predictions that the film did get right such as tablet computers, video calls, wearable technology, fingerprint recognition and drones!

Something that was not mentioned in the movie,  but that Marty McFly may have found useful is the easy process that webexpenses offer in expenses claim management.

If the movie makers had predicted this, then whilst travelling to ‘today’ in the movie, Marty McFly could have easily claimed his mileage expenses. He must have travelled some distance in the DeLorean during the Back to the Future Franchise, and how easy it would have been to claim for those time travel miles with webexpenses expenses management system!

He could have even started his claim whilst he was on the go, with the easy to use mobile app, that Doc Brown could have installed on his tablet! Everything could be inputted and submitted before he even got back to the year 1985!

The ease of webexpenses makes the otherwise arduous task of expense claims simple, user-friendly and easy to use.

If you would like to find more about how webexpenses can help you regain control of your expenses processes, find out more about our expense management services.