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Webexpenses New Expenses App is Going Places


The ability to track the distance you have travelled on a business trip and then instantly upload details to your account is one of the powerful features of the new Webexpenses app.

The smartphone app has been built from scratch to provide a much faster, smoother and more stable experience, and with an added set of features.

The changes are based on extensive feedback and consultation with existing users of the app which uses a smartphone’s camera to convert paper receipts into digital expenses.

This new version, webexpenses App 2.0, includes a tracking feature to let users record in real-time the exact distance they travel, to within metres, using the power of GPS technology. The route is displayed on a map with details able to be uploaded to the user’s account.

Another new feature is the power to approve or decline expenses claims on the fly. Authorised managers can now keep track of new expenses requests and handle any approvals without having to be in the office.

It’s a way to help avoid potential bottlenecks from building when key team members are away from the office and ensure the fastest possible processing time.

Alongside the new features, the user interface has also been redesigned to improve usability and provide a fresher, cleaner look. The small memory size of the app also means users should notice a zippier performance, particularly on older phones.

Vishwa Kiran, Webexpenses’ technical manager, said: “We decided to rewrite the app from scratch because it allowed us to move from a browser based approach to a native application.

“This brings with it considerable benefits - by using much less memory this new version is faster and a lot more responsive.

“We talked to our users about the kind of features they would like to see in this update and we think they’ll find the tools we’ve added to be extremely useful.”

The app is available in the Apple, Android and Blackberry app stores and can be used by anyone with a Webexpenses’ user account. You can download on any of the above app stores.

Sanjay Parekh, managing director of Webexpenses, said: “The app is the perfect way to take so much of the hassle out of the expenses process.

“It’s something we’ve seen more and more of our users starting to use and we’ve put a lot of work into giving them the best possible experience with this new version.”