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Circa Contemporary Circus





Circa Contemporary Circus is one of the world’s leading performance companies. Since 2004, from their base in Brisbane, Australia, they have toured the world – performing in 40 countries to over a million people. Circa's works have been greeted with standing ovations, rave reviews, and sold-out houses across six continents.

One of Circa's biggest challenges was managing a large number of travel expenses each month. With the help of Webexpenses, Circa were able to focus on projects and tasks that added value to their business rather than the manual process behind ensuring expenses were processed and documented correctly and each month.

We sat down with Circa's Finance Manager, Evan Wright, to find out how the switch to Webexpenses made a difference to Circa and its team.


What made you choose Webexpenses?

"We wanted to decentralise some of our accounting functions. We required a compatible system for end-users with minimal accounting experience, that would capture specific and reportable data that was easy to implement. Webexpenses is a perfect fit for us! "


Which Webexpenses features most benefit your end-users and accounts team?

"Circa is at the forefront of contemporary Australian Art, continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible in physical theatre. Our business is like our art and is constantly evolving and always on the move. Real-time, automated expense management, the mobile app, the ability to maintain digital records (that eliminates the need to drag paper receipts halfway around the world) and clear, unified account categories are some of the most popular responses from our end users.

Our Webexpenses system is like having another pair of hands in the finance office. Manually processing voluminous amounts of statement and transaction data used to take us weeks. Our decision to implement the Webexpenses system has dramatically reduced our reconciliation and reporting times. With a strict approvals process and high visibility across the organisation, we are assured that the data/input is accurate and timely. With limited manual intervention, we have increased the capacity of our team to undertake projects and tasks that add greater creative value to our organisation.


What would you say to someone still using a manual, paper-based process?

Time to move on! Circa Contemporary Circus moved to a paperless system 5 years ago. No boxes of dusty receipts, envelopes of scrap paper, and reimbursement forms being dumped on your desk at the end of the month. With digital records, the process of audit and accountability is a breeze. Webexpenses complements a paperless system perfectly.