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Who is ELMO Software?

ELMO Software is an Australian-headquartered integrated cloud-based solution that helps organisations effectively manage their people, process, and pay.

In December 2020, ELMO acquired Webexpenses. The acquisition broadened ELMO’s all-in-one HR & payroll software offering into the finance space with its new expense management module. This increased its existing and future customer base and accelerated its expansion into the UK market.

ELMO switched from their previous expense management provider, Concur, to Webexpenses, soon after the acquisition. ELMO now has full use of Webexpenses’ Expense Management system.

Why Webexpenses instead of Concur?

Besides ELMO being Webexpenses’ parent company, Webexpenses’ digital software had a lot to offer ELMO and alleviated challenges faced with its previous provider, Concur.

Luke Allen, Sales Director at ELMO says “Sales teams typically have less time to complete their expenses. And although Concur was thorough, it was often confusing and time-consuming. As a result, this led to disengagement and overdue submissions of expense claims.”

Alex Halhead, Corporate Development Manager at ELMO expressed, “[Concur] had invaluable analytics to work from, however, no available dashboards to easily analyse and report on expense claims.”

What was particularly beneficial for ELMO was the prompt 5-6 weeks implementation and deployment with Webexpenses. This made the switch a seamless and easy process. Implementing their previous solution was time-consuming as it took several months and was complicated.

Smooth sailing implementation process

Webexpenses’ intuitive platform integrates with a selection of financial systems including Sage, NetSuite, Advanced, and MYOB.

As part of ELMO’s implementation of Webexpenses, NetSuite was concurrently integrated. Alex said, “We had a straight feed of data into the NetSuite financial system which was all completed in-house by the Webexpenses team."

“The integration feed with NetSuite has been very handy. Whatever we update in NetSuite will then be reflected in Webexpenses without further process.”

Submitting claims on-the-go

Webexpenses’ Mobile App allows claimants to snap a picture of their receipt and submit it to their approver in real-time. The App’s OCR technology has helped ELMO’s sales team who are on the road regularly meeting with clients. Allen expressed, “Our BDMs are pushed for time so they need a fast, easy solution for expensing on the go. It’s also a great tool to demonstrate the benefits of on-the-go expense management to prospects, first-hand.”

The Mobile App has encouraged BDMs to complete expense claims instantaneously which in hand, has helped the Finance team to report on spend more efficiently.

Webexpenses' Accounts + Admin dashboard

The Accounts + Admin dashboard is a powerful tool to report and analyse different spend categories such as: time to review; top 10 spenders; top 10 vendors; and geographical location. With its interactive widgets, finance teams can organise their dashboard to fit their requirements.

Halhead says, “Coming into budget seasons, we’ll be able to utilise the dashboard and analytics to get a view on future expected spend.”

ELMO has also been able to gain insights into team spend, location of claims, and whether there are any discrepancies in company expense policy.

Credit Card Reconciliation

ELMO has also used Webexpenses’ new Credit Card Reconciliation feature to manage and reimburse credit card statements. The team explain “how much easier it is to organise all transactions within one part of the system.”

The ease of loading receipts and auto reconciling to credit cards means there is less time spent on administrative tasks and more valuable time to complete end of month processes.

Why would ELMO recommend Webexpenses?

Halhead says, “Free your team’s time. Put power into the individual’s hands to submit receipts and claims on the go - removing barriers, manual process, and time spent on expense submissions.”

When asked, “What piece of advice would you give to other businesses that don’t have the capability to submit claims on the go?

Allen replied, “You need to sort that out! It’s a tool that makes your employees’ lives easier, your management approvals faster and safer, and it improves the transparency of the process. This in hand, reduces your organisational risk and helps you keep your expense claim and coding processes up to date and on time.”