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As a global provider of team communications, VoCoVo knows all about how technology drives efficiency. Combining innovative hardware and software solutions, they have a client base that includes the likes of Asda, Halfords, and Wickes.

It’s a passion for efficiency that saw VoCoVo choose Webexpenses as the tool to automate and improve their finance team’s management of employee expenses. Their previous approach had required claims to be manually submitted, calculated, and processed.


Here’s a look at their experience:

How has Webexpenses helped to improve efficiency?

Webexpenses has solved all of the issues we were encountering with our previous process. By snapping a picture of the receipts at the time of purchase it saves the claimants having to find the receipt at a later date when they completed their claim. 

The VAT amount is worked out automatically, saving the manual calculations and they can send the claim for approval electronically instead of waiting to see their manager. 

With the receipts being attached to each line, the managers and the finance team don’t need to spend time matching them up to correctly check the claims. Webexpenses then pushes the claim though into Xero, meaning finance doesn’t have to do any inputting of the claim.


How did Webexpenses handle the transition to remote work?

With expenses submitted and approved through Webexpenses, the claims are processed as quickly and easily as when we were in the office. It means we’re able to bypass the issue of paperwork in the office having to be forwarded onto the fiance team or the additional wait of expenses claims having to be posted to us.


How much time has been saved through automation?

The most time saved has been within the finance team. Depending on the length of the claim, we are saving an average of five minutes a claim by only having to check the data input by the claimant, and not having to manually input every claim into Xero.


Are you looking to automate other areas of your business?

After having the expenses process automated we have started the roll out of new PO and invoice software supplied by Webexpenses to help make these tasks quicker, simpler, and more efficient.