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Prior to using Webexpenses, Alzheimer’s Research UK were using a highly manual process that wasn’t able to keep up with their rapid growth rates. We had the opportunity to speak to Hannah Dalgleish, Finance Manager to find out what they liked the most about Webexpenses, why they went with us and how we’ve improved their process for all 155 users of the system.

What process was being used for the management of expenses before Webexpenses?

Previously the process that was in place was very manual, all employees had a physical form to fill out and attach receipts and pass to their manager(s) for approval and then hand to finance.

What ultimately made you start to look for an expense solution?

The charity has grown rapidly in the last year and it was getting very difficult for the finance team to process the amount of expenses that were being claimed. Alzheimer’s Research UK also introduced flexible working where people can work from home, this was causing issues with expense delays as they would have to wait until they were next in the office to submit the paperwork.

As a charity, we want to be as ‘green’ as we can be, trying to get our paper use down and to help the environment and our expenditure.

Why did Alzheimer’s Research UK select Webexpenses over any other solution?

When looking at other products, we noticed that a lot of other systems didn’t have the flexibility that Webexpenses had. Having an app, really works for us as a charity as we have so many employees that work from home and are attending events etc. The whole design was better and easier to use and the support we receive from Webexpenses is amazing, if we ever have a problem or want to change anything, the team get back to us ASAP.

How did you find working with Webexpenses’ sales team?

The sales team was great at supplying all the information that we needed – we asked so many questions and nothing was too much for them.

How was the implementation of Webexpenses and our support?

The implementation was very un-stressful, it was easy and the customer service team were there if we needed help.

How do you find our ongoing communication to you about Webexpenses?

Your ongoing communication is brilliant, we attended Webexpenses’ recent event which showed us all the new products they have coming out and we had a great time. We would definitely like to keep in touch with them all and attend more events to get to know the team.

How much time has been saved for your finance team when managing expenses through Webexpenses?

The amount of time we have saved is remarkable. The managers are happy as they no longer have piles of paperwork on their desks, awaiting approval. The finance team can do their payment run super quick regardless of the number of employees and the claimants themselves, they can use the app whenever and wherever they are to ensure they get paid as soon as possible.

Which key benefits have Webexpenses brought to Alzheimer’s Research UK?

The key benefits that the system has brought to us as a charity is time saving, a paperless payment run and a hugely reduced paper use.

How do you describe Webexpenses in five words?

Flexible, easy, customisable, supportive and amazing!

If you’re interested in finding out more about Webexpenses, feel free to contact us.