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We’re One of Britain’s Key Companies | Webexpenses

Webexpenses has been inducted onto the ACCELERATE 250 list of Britain’s brightest businesses at a special gala celebration.

We were selected by former Tesco boss, Sir Terry Leahy, and Government adviser, Lord Young, to join the list of the UK’s fastest-growing companies whose success was commended at the Liverpool event.

The 250-strong index represents what is known as the ‘vital 6%’ - the percentage of companies who have been able to continue growing, despite the UK’s tough economic climate.

Sir Terry Leahy believes these companies hold the key to unlocking Britain’s future economic success. He said: “It’s our belief that Britain’s prosperity in the 21st-century global economy is going to be built on the success of these high-potential, fast-growth businesses.

“It is our ambition that this will be just the start of the journey that sees the ACCELERATE 250 become the nucleus of Britain’s future high-growth economic success.”

A host of big name speakers, from all areas of public life, joined together at the Liverpool Arena to celebrate the success of these top 250 companies.

Amongst them was Jimmy Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, who gave an inspiring talk, encouraging UK companies to adopt a different attitude towards failure.

He said business culture in the UK was too fearful of failure and that it should be viewed as an inevitable obstacle on the path to success.

Californian entrepreneur, Doug Richard, best known for his appearance as one of the investors on Dragon’s Den, spoke about the need for companies to accept any opportunities that present themselves.

Sanjay Parekh, co-founder and managing director of Webexpenses, said: “It was a tremendous honour to be selected as an Accelerate 250 company and the event itself was something special.

“With so many great companies and inspirational speakers coming together, you couldn’t help but leave feeling energised and with a sense of positivity for the future.

“We’re really proud of our ability to keep growing but it’s not something that has happened overnight and like Jimmy Wales said, there are many hurdles you have to cope with along the way.”

Also giving their support to the event was General Sir Mike Jackson, who commanded the British forces in Iraq, Ed Wray, the founder of Betfair and former All Blacks captain, Sean Fitzpatrick.

More than 1,000 delegates attended Accelerate 250 which climaxed with a gala dinner which saw the official launch of the International Festival for Business 2014.