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UZIN UK LTD Case Study

Uzin Utz: Innovation & Expense Management

Since 1911, the Uzin Utz Group has evolved from a regional adhesives manufacturer to a world-leading global supplier of flooring technology products.

The success has been achieved by maintaining the company’s roots as a family business while innovating, developing, and building expertise as they have grown into a truly global operation.

Across a range of brands, Uzin Utz UK Ltd provides solutions to relay, renovate and preserve floor coverings of all types. The company is also a leader in the development and manufacture of machinery and tools for flooring.

The commitment to innovation goes from the ground up and means the business is always searching for ways to streamline and improve their administrative processes, including expense management.

Manual to automatic

They had been using a traditional manual approach to employee expenses with paper receipts submitted and information having to be posted and manually entered into spreadsheets.

With their sales teams operating remotely, it created a slow and costly way of working. Looking for ways to automate the process, they began to test out a number of cloud-based expense management solutions.

Sonny Dhariwal, Uzin Utz UK Ltd’s Financial Controller, stated:

“Along with Webexpenses we tested out some competitor expense systems, but they had flaws such as a ‘one size fits all’ approach that didn’t work for Uzin Utz. Webexpenses was able to cater for every single we need - the system was customised to our exact specifications.”

The business moved over to Webexpenses in 2018 and estimates that they reduced their finance management times by around eight hours each month with the sales teams benefiting from fast and simple claims.

Smarter monitoring

The move to an automated process has also helped to improve management visibility, with all of the expense data instantly accessible via the integrated reporting tools. Sonny Dhariwal added:

“Overall, Webexpenses has improved our finance team’s efficiency. The system is great for being able to pull all the information together needed for reporting and having an audit trail is a massive benefit.

“Webexpenses has brought accuracy and organisation to the business. Paper is no longer needed in any area of expenses, the move to the digital system has been perfect for us and I couldn’t imagine having to go back to a manual process like we used to do.”

Webexpenses is designed with the flexibility and customization options needed to meet the exact needs of each client. With a paperless and automated process, it’s able to handle all the demands of today’s enterprise companies.

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