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Webexpenses clients win at prestigious CIPP Award ceremony

Webexpenses clients win at prestigious CIPP Award ceremony

Webexpenses is proud to have one of our clients announced as the winner of the CIPP “Project of the Year” Award.

This award was set up to recognise the challenge involved in implementing a successful system into an organisation and demonstrating how this change has improved their effectiveness and efficiency.

Admiral has been a client of webexpenses since March 2014 after being invited alongside 4 other online expense providers to present an overview of their systems.

Webexpenses was the system of choice due to the simple user interface and easy-to-use management tool. Since its implementation in September 2014 the project has been a great success, with Admiral employees now able to submit claims as they occur, with weekly reimbursement of expenses and an improved level of service throughout.

Michelle Sutton, Payroll & Benefits Manager at Admiral said:

“Webexpenses was selected due to its simplicity, the range of reports available and cost.  Main benefits were the ease of use of the system and the unique charging structure, Admiral recognised cost savings as webexpenses charged based on number of unique claimants per month, not number of claims made." 

This means Admiral can encourage staff to submit claims as they occur which has meant staff are able to claim immediately and are reimbursed every Friday - (for all claims approved by 18.00 hours Tuesday, ensuring an improved level of service for employees and claimants.”

In their submission, Admiral focused on how webexpenses has helped them to implement an expenses management solution and improve their internal expenses processes, demonstrating how the system has boosted efficiency and increased satisfaction amongst its employees.

Andrew May, Head of Sales at webexpenses, said:

“Admiral were reviewing potential systems and had a clear objectives of what they wanted to achieve from this project. They were focused on delivering improvements to the process for their employees to claim, while keeping tighter controls on what is being reclaimed through expenses. Having Admiral as a client of webexpenses has been extremely valuable. For any business of this size to change a processes that affects the majority of employees with a process that is as emotive as expenses is not as easy task.“

Congratulations to Admiral on winning this award. We are thrilled to have Admiral as a client and we hope this is a long and successful partnership.

We would also like to extend a huge congratulations to recruitment company, Hays, who were thrilled to win the 'In-House Team of the Year” Award, sponsored by webexpenses at this year's CIPP Payroll and Pensions Excellence Awards. The competition was steep, with Hays up against other 7 other finalists Carnival UK, First Port Payroll, Kerry Group Ltd, Nationwide Building Society, NES Global Talent, Sherwood Forest Hospitals Trust and University of Lincoln.

Hays were the worthy winners, as they were best able to demonstrate how their collective actions have helped to improve the organisation’s overall performance.

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