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Study Into Business Processes Hits National News

Webexpenses study of 2000 UK office workers uncovers that nearly a third of an employee’s time is wasted on pointless business processes.

The new research profiled how much time is wasted by following business processes that are outdated, inefficient or just simply a waste of time.

The findings provide clarity in how businesses have the opportunity to dramatically improve their business processes by investing more in widely-available technology to enable their employees to become more productive and efficient.

The breakdown:

  • Time-consuming conversations – 34 minutes
  • Attending pointless meetings – 29 minutes
  • Completing paperwork – 29 minutes
  • Using old or failing technology – 26 minutes
  • Pointless processes e.g. expenses – 24 minutes

This research has been covered in leading UK national media, including The Sun, The Mirror, The Independent and The London Economic.

To read the news release here or for further information on the study contact: