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What do companies love about using Webexpenses?

Content from our United Kingdom office from our UK office

All this week, webexpenses has been showing some affection for an aspect of our working world which rarely receives much in the way of love.

The aim of 'Love Expenses' Week is to show that expense management doesn’t have to be something your business loathes; with digital tools and the right provider, it can be fast, simple and, yes, even…enjoyable.

Because so much of the business world’s disdain for expenses is based on the hassle and frustrations caused by old and outdated paper-based ways of working. It’s the faff of manually managing spreadsheets and processing bundles of paper receipts.

But thanks to digital technology, those organisational pains are a thing of the past. And just to show that there's another side to expense management, we asked clients to say what they loved about working with Webexpenses.

Here are just a few of the comments:

“It makes my working day so much easier, I can see all claims in one place. I can immediately see ‘out of policy’ claims and the weird and wonderful ones we sometimes get! Altogether, it's a simple, controlled way of managing our employee expense costs.”

Sandra Goodwin, Swinton Insurance

"It's online, user friendly, brilliant tutorials and videos which make it easy for all our users, excellent reporting and most importantly dedicated helpline and account manager."

Tracy Hardy, Healthcare at Home

“Friendly, efficient and knowledgeable customer service is always present, with quick response times to queries."

Daniel Craven, Gentex Europe

“We love using webexpenses because it saves us so much time and hassle. Claimants are responsible for their own postings of receipts to meet deadlines and comply with company policies, this also gives administrators more time to do other jobs.”

Jas Guliani, Wise Investments Ltd

“It expedites and simplifies tasks that would otherwise be monotonous and convoluted. Its features and the added benefit of integration with other systems is what brought us to webexpenses. A very simple and comprehensive system that offers as much as you need and more for handling business expenses.”

Kyle Dixon, JGP Resourcing

The importance of customer support was a common theme in the feedback and reflects webexpenses’ ethos to always ‘exceed expectations’. Thanks to an award-winning support team, we have a 98 percent client retention rate.

But like any strong relationship, success can only be built on mutual respect and cooperation. For webexpenses that means the privilege of working with a fantastic roster of clients and partners - from bright new startups to renowned multinationals.

It’s thanks to the constant feedback, support and suggestions we receive from our users throughout the globe that webexpenses can continue to grow and improve - to show that it really is possible to turn expenses loathing into something closer to love.

If you want to change how your organisation manages expenses then contact us to find out more about webexpenses.