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In any assessment of the operational costs of commercial enterprise, one that will have been noticed by many is the sheer expense of travel that is often undertaken by businesses.

If you are looking for ways to control and reduce your expenditure on business travel, then it is really worth looking into how a Sustainable Travel Policy can help. A well thought out and implemented Sustainable Travel Policy is an important tool that helps to control not only the financial, but also the carbon costs of business travel.

The DfT places a strong emphasis on sustainable travel as a means of reducing congestion, improving local environments and encouraging healthier and safer lifestyles. You can access the DfT website’s sustainable travel section from this link:

To help businesses become more effective at monetary and carbon cost control we have published a guide to help you plan and implement a Sustainable Travel Policy for your organisation.

If you would like a helping hand to get your implementation of a Sustainable Travel policy moving, you can access the guide.