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Single Sign-on (SSO) is a time-efficient tool that is integrated into Webexpenses’ cloud-based expense management software.

A seamless and more secure experience are some of the many user benefits provided by the usage of SSO within the business.

Single Sign-on is a technology that is now being used by many online service providers. It is an effective way to handle the common problems surrounding multiple user accounts and passwords. With SSO, users only have to enter their password details once to access their required approved apps and services. Here is a closer look at how SSO works, and the benefits it delivers:

What is SSO?

SSO is a technology that has been developed in response to the growing problem of multiple online user identifications. As we start to use more cloud-based apps and services, it leaves users having to juggle a growing number of password details. For those without SSO, it can be a frustrating user experience. It creates a number of security weaknesses, as passwords are simplified and duplicated.SSO quickly tackles this challenge.  It only requires a single user account and password to securely access multiple apps and services. It is a successful approach that is used by global businesses such as Microsoft, Google, Facebook and PayPal.

The protocol Webexpenses uses is the Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) system -  developed by Microsoft.

What are the benefits?

Improved user experience

Using a single secure log-in to access services removes the frustration caused by trying to manage a growing number of different user accounts and passwords. It can become a problem for business users as cloud-based services such as Webexpenses become essential workplace tools. Having to repeatedly log into different accounts when trying to meet tight deadlines is time-consuming and inefficient.

Smarter password control

A byproduct of the frustration caused by multiple logins is the problem of password ‘fatigue’. This refers to the insecure practices that users adopt when having to juggle a variety of different accounts and passwords. The tendency is for passwords to be simplified, and for duplicates to be used across multiple accounts. Users are also less likely to securely log-out of each individual service.

Administration efficiency

SSO dramatically reduces the need for authentication details to be re-entered. Above all, it reduces the amount of administrative time wasted when passwords are forgotten or incorrectly entered. A study by Gartner estimated that between 20-30% of all inquiries dealt with by IT help desks relate to problems with passwords. Therefore, by simplifying authentication means admin resources can be used more productively.

SSO authentication is one of many features Webexpenses offers in making expense management a simple, secure and seamless experience. Find out why businesses across the globe are choosing Webexpenses by requesting a demo today.