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How USAlliance Financial acheived better manage travel expenses

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Having to manage continued growth is a welcome challenge that every successful organization must face. And for USAlliance Financial that meant turning to Webexpenses to better handle their expense processes.

The organization was launched in 1966 as a credit union for IBM employees and has since expanded its reach across the northeast corridor. It’s a success that has been built on providing members with the best technology services to empower financial control.

The fast-growing, member-owned financial institution, has built its reputation on providing agile, creative and technology-focused financial solutions. So as the organization expanded, they started to look for an expense management system that could grow with them.

As they scaled-up, managing travel expenses had become increasingly problematic, employing a traditional approach that relied on paper receipts, claim forms, and spreadsheets. It created slow, manual processes, and poor management visibility.

When making a plan to upgrade to a digital expense management system, they drew up a shortlist of the features that any system would need to provide. Top of the list was usability - it had to be something simple and intuitive.

The other criteria included:

  • Point-to-point trip mileage calculations
  • Minimizing manual processing tasks
  • Providing greater expenses categorization consistency
  • Allowing better control over approval chains
  • Easy integration with accounting packages.

Having reviewed a number of different options they chose Webexpenses as their solution. Working closely alongside Webexpenses’ integration team, USAlliance Financial was able to make a smooth transition over to the new system.

Brett Wheeler from USAlliance Financial tells us how Webexpenses is being used in the organization so far.

Webexpenses allows us to standardize claims, set and display policy limits, and take control of approval chains—all while providing a better user experience to our team members.

The Webexpenses expense app now allows users to easily record the exact distance of any road journeys that are taken. It also allows any paper receipt they receive to be converted into a digital format.

The custom reporting features add a lot of visibility into spending levels and categories. The accounting suite integration saves time and reduces opportunity for error.

Fully scalable solution

Moving to a cloud-based set-up means that reimbursements costs can be centrally controlled with accurate digital information automatically generated and instantly accessible. It provides much greater financial visibility with an integrated reporting tool allowing every aspect of reimbursement costs to be analyzed.

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