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What’s Business Travel like when you’re the US President?

As the 45th US President enters the White House, it’s not just the world’s most powerful country they take control of. They are also handed the keys to the ultimate fleet of vehicles for business travel.

From the James Bond-style gadgetry of the presidential limousine, nicknamed The Beast, to the luxury office facilities found aboard Air Force One; no effort is spared when it comes to the business of presidential travel.

Things have moved a long way since the early days, with Abraham Lincoln having to traverse the nation via spine-bruising horse-drawn carriage rides; an average speed of only 8 km/h.

And when it comes to mobile working, the US president has always been ahead of the game; each of their vehicles being specially adapted to allow them to keep working throughout their rigorous travel schedule.

Smart Travel

But you don’t have to be US President to benefit from these advances. Affordable digital tools have helped to bring fast and flexible travel to all business travellers. Trips that once took weeks or months to arrange can now be done in a matter of minutes via online bookings.

The combination of smartphones and powerful apps, allow employees to operate away from the office in ways which were not previously possible. They’re able to communicate with colleagues and access the data they need from anywhere in the world.

The webexpenses app is an example of how technology has changed the experience of business travel. It allows paper receipts received to be instantly converted into a digital form and uploaded to the user’s account.

It removes the headache of having to return from a business trip to face the wearisome task of processing a bundle of old paper receipts. The app also uses GPS technology to track any road journey, to within meter accuracy.

So while the 45th US President will be enjoying access to some of the world’s most advanced transport, technology is now helping to make travel faster, simpler and safer for all business travellers.