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Mid-Market to Enterprise business growth

Scaling up with Webexpenses: Expense Management for Enterprise Businesses

Growth from Mid-Market to Enterprise

Managing expenses can be a major pain point for growing and enterprise businesses. As a company grows, its expense process becomes more complex and increasingly difficult to manage. A growing workforce within an organisation also leads to an increase in those who may need to submit expense reports for travel, client meetings, and other business-related activities. This can be time-consuming and can often lead to delays and frustration for both employees and managers.

Companies using a manual expense process can also be prone to errors and fraud. It is important to have a business-wide expense policy to avoid employees submitting inaccurate or fraudulent expenses. Without this, it can lead to wasted resources and a potential financial loss to the business.

Meeting the Needs of an Enterprise Business

Enterprise businesses require an expansive solution that has a comprehensive set of features and capabilities.

With enterprise businesses often having a large number of claimants, it is essential that the solution is customisable with multi-approval workflows, this means that the claim can be rejected at any stage of the approval process which prevents mistakes and tightens control while improving the visibility of the expenses claimed.

Integrating with existing ERPs

An expense management software which integrates with Enterprise Resource Planning solutions (ERPs) enables companies to have a consolidated view of their financial activities and eliminates the need to manually update data from one system to another, further reducing the chance of human error during data transfer.

Integration with your ERP provides increased visibility, with real-financial data. This allows management to make informed decisions quickly that help to improve efficiency.

Reporting and visibility

In today's competitive environment, Enterprise businesses need to keep tight control of their expenses to remain competitive.

This is where software with strong reporting and visibility features is essential, as it allows companies to gain a comprehensive understanding of their spending patterns as well as where it would be possible to cut costs.

Reporting and visibility

With increased accuracy, businesses can also detect and prevent fraud, as well as identify compliance risks. This can help a business to create its expense policy to ensure that employees are expensing their claims correctly.

Why Webexpenses is the perfect solution for Growing and Enterprise Businesses

Webexpenses is an award-winning expense management solution that is tailored to all types of businesses including Growing and Enterprise. Webexpenses has also been recognised by our customers of G2 and won several awards for enterprise business software including:

Most Implementable Enterprise G2 badgeHigh Performer award G2"Best results enterprise" g2 badge


Find out why you should switch to Webexpenses from your current expense solution!

ERP Integration

With integrations with Sage, NetSuite, Microsoft Business Central 365 and Xero you can bridge the gap between employee expenses and your finance system. Webexpenses provides a powerful end-to-end solution for expense creation and receipt capture through to approvals and posting to your finance system.

Expenses visibility

Reporting tasks without Webexpenses can take hours or even days to complete. This Webexpenses reporting suite provides complete visibility over your entire employee spending. Custom reporting allows you to download and share bespoke reports with the data set that you require.

Multi-approver workflow

Webexpenses allows businesses to set up a multi-approver process, with up to six approvers per claimant. Workflows can be configured to different thresholds. For example, anything under a smaller cost has one approval, but based on spend, it can be set to go through multiple approvers. The entire claim can be rejected at any stage of approval, preventing mistakes, tightening control, and the visibility of company and employee spending.

Corporate card matching

Intelligent Receipt Matching is our cutting-edge technology that automatically pairs receipts to their correct card purchases. This feature eases user and admin workflow to provide quick and accurate expense reports for credit card management and reimbursement. 

Find out what our Enterprise customers have to say about us.


John White - Pets at Home Finacial Director:

“We have effectively cut the time it takes to approve and process claims in half, freeing up colleagues and payroll time to better serve our customers and the business”


Jamie Ratcliffe - Fulham F.C. Financial Controller:

“Webexpenses is easy to use and brilliant for both customers and the people that need to report off the system”


Ceri Rankin - Admiral Insurance Project Accountant:

“Webexpenses is easy to use and brilliant for both the customers and the people that need to report off the system.”