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Webexpenses software and features

Expense Management Software: Why Switch?

Many businesses rely on automated expense management software for employee expense claims.

Automated software typically removes all manual processes; helping to save time and costs. However, some businesses still face challenges and are not seeing a return on investment as predicted.

At what point should you start thinking about switching to a different provider?

Based on real user reviews from TrustRadius and G2, here are three key reasons why users decided to switch from Concur to Webexpenses:

  • User-friendly software
  • Ease of uploading expense receipts
  • Efficiently submitting end of month reports

1. Putting the customer first: User-friendly software

Expense management software ensures ease of usability and has customer feedback at the core of its development.

Megan Mahoney at Evolution Cycles explains, “Overall [Webexpenses is] a much easier, and more user-friendly system than Concur (what we previously used). The features, usability, and workflows, are all easily understandable and work together well.”

Webexpenses utilise the creativity of their R&D teams to design and implement a range of high-quality product features.

More than 100 feature upgrades are delivered across the year; all of which are based on customer feedback. The latest feature updates include credit card reconciliaton and accounts and admin dashboard.

The accounts and admin dashboard includes interactive widgets which help finance teams understand how expenses are performing on a regular basis. The dashboard highlights different expense categories such as top 10 spenders and top 10 categories.

Webexpenses Accounts and Admin Dashboard

Alex Halhead, Corporate Development Manager at ELMO states, “[Concur] had invaluable analytics to work from, however, no available dashboards to easily analyse and report on expense claims.”

Other Webexpenses users say, “At my previous role I have used Concur, but Webexpenses is more user friendly and easier to use.”

Dedicated support team

Expense management software is typically delivered with an array of tools to help the user manage the system effectively.

For example, Webexpenses' support hub includes how-to guides, video resources, and a live chat function. This ensures users learn about the features quicker whilst having access to a dedicated support team.

2. A simplified approach: Ease of uploading receipts

A mobile app makes the user journey easier when building and submitting expense claims.

Martin Buck, a G2 reviewer, says “I've had no major issues with Webexpenses; it's simple to use and compared to other systems I've used in the past like Concur it's also easier to upload.”

With Webexpenses, users can upload receipts in different formats via mobile or desktop including PDF, JPEG, PNG and email.

If required, expense claims can be submitted on behalf of a user on the Webexpenses App and desktop. For example, a user can submit an expense claim with a colleague's credit card by pairing it to the proxy user's account. This works particularly well if an employee has to manage their colleague's claims on a regular basis.

Expense receipts are managed in the following order:

  • Snap a picture of your receipt: Using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology, users can scan receipt data and build a claim. Claims can be submitted on the go or saved to be submitted later.
  • Match it to the correct claim: Once the claim has been created, it will be sent to the user's approver.
  • Submit for approval: The approver will then accept or reject the claim for reconciliation.

3. Making expenses more enjoyable: Efficiently submitting end of month reports

Employees tend to submit late expense reports because the process is hard to understand or difficult to navigate through the software. However, with a simplified approach, business expenses become more enjoyable and easier to process.

Steph Campbell from PHS Greenleaf says, “I used to dread doing my monthly expenses in Concur as it was clunky and very difficult to match up a receipt to a claim. I am so glad not to have to use Concur anymore!”

How easy is it for businesses to switch?


Typically, an implementation process takes up to 6 weeks with Webexpenses. This includes everything from initial setup to internal employee training.

ELMO HR says, “We had a straight feed of data into the NetSuite financial system which was all completed in-house by the Webexpenses team."


Expense management providers offer different pricing models. It’s important to look out for which pricing model suits your business and gives you the best value for money.

A fair pricing model looks like this: users only pay for active users each month. Once users are active, they can take advantage of unlimited submissions at no additional cost.

Want to find out more about Webexpenses offerings?

Try Webexpenses free demo today and receive bespoke advice relevant to your business needs, including expense management and invoice processing requirements.