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When Evotix's finance team found they had one less member available, they decided to review their invoice supplier process. As their solution, they chose Webexpenses Invoice Processing. Evotix's Finance Manager, Claire Stevenson, covers the pain points of the old process and how well Evotix have taken to Webexpenses Invoice Processing.

Before bringing Webexpenses Invoice Processing into Evotix, how were you processing supplier invoices?

A PO requisition would be raised through our HR system. Invoices were created manually and interlinked through our ERP system Xero. It took a lot of time to do a relevantly simple task.

Why did you look into Webexpenses Invoice Processing for managing your supplier invoices?

There was a change in our finance team where we had one less team member - we took this opportunity to think about our internal processes. Instead of burdening the current team with extra work, it was decided to automate the invoice supplier process.

We saw lots of communications through Webexpenses on their supplier invoice solution so a demonstration was arranged with our account manager. The system looked so simple to use - just like the expenses solution, so after presenting the benefits to my VP, Finance team, and the CEO, we got approval to go ahead and bring this onboard for Evotix.

How was the process with setting up your Webexpenses Invoice Processing system?

The project kicked off with an initial call with Chris, Webexpenses’ Implementation Consultant, to run through all the information needed from Evotix, as well as our requirements, which included our 5 companies. Once the system was up and running - which was very quick, two follow-up calls and a walk-through of the system were arranged.

Our finance team needed no training - a call with a live feed was in place so we could work through any queries we had there and then with Chris.

What benefits has Webexpenses Invoice Processing brought to Evotix?

Webexpenses Invoice Processing frees up the finance team’s time. It’s fantastic that we can see an audit trail of all supplier spend - plus, it’s paper-free which is great!

We’re keen to now remove the manual matching of POs to their invoices - we can do this with the PO feature that’s available within the system - this will save us even more time for our finance team.

How have the department heads taken to the new approvals process?

Feedback has been fantastic from our department heads - there have been no complaints about the new approval process, everything can be done with a few clicks!

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