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Gift Universe Group: Retail case study

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With the finance team processing up to 1,500 invoices in a single month, retail group Gift Universe Group contacted current expense management system provider, Webexpenses, about an invoice processing solution

Financial Controller at Gift Universe Group, Stacey Monks, highlights the main issues their old process burdened them with and why being more sustainable was a key factor for a paperless invoicing system moving forward.

Before bringing Webexpenses Invoice Processing into Gift Universe, how were you processing supplier invoices?

Before we brought Webexpenses Invoice Processing into the business, we had a manual invoice email ticketing system. Invoices would either come in via email or post. They then had to be printed off and distributed out to the relevant approvers for sign off.

There was no visibility of the audit trail and suppliers would get angry if invoices weren’t paid on time or lost through our old process.

Why did you look into Webexpenses Invoice Processing for managing your supplier invoices?

The main driver for bringing in an automated process was for there to be a full audit trail. We were keen to be able to see invoices that hadn’t been approved so we could chase approvers and then directly import the data after sign off into our accounting system.

Manual data entry was another area we wanted to remove from the old paper-driven process.

How was the process with setting up your Webexpenses Invoice Processing system?

The implementation was brilliant. James, our Implementation Consultant, handled everything from the set-up of the system right through to training our finance team.

What benefits has Webexpenses Invoice Processing brought to Gift Universe?

We have full visibility of our supplier invoices process which is fantastic. Another key factor for us was to be more sustainable. Now, having a paperless process, we’ve made a massive step towards this.

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