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Who are Geberit UK?

Geberit UK are leaders in sanitary products, specialising in sanitary technology and bathroom ceramics.

What did Geberit’s expense process look like before Webexpenses?

Before switching to digital expense management software, Geberit’s employee expenses were handled manually with a paper-based process. For each monthly expense report, their finance team would have to:

  • Download credit card expense data and save it into an excel file
  • Individually save each card into its own spreadsheet
  • Send out each spreadsheet to the cardholder
  • Ask each cardholder to attach receipts to the spreadsheet
  • And finally, they would combine expenses and post in SAP.

Having to go through these steps resulted in a longer process; dedicating alot of time to administrative tasks.

That’s when Geberit got in touch with Webexpenses. They asked Webexpenses to help eradicate these three manual expense processes:

  • Reduce expense processing time
  • Remove the use of excel spreadsheets
  • Take away any unnecessary paperwork

How did Webexpenses help to achieve this?

Since switching to Webexpenses Expense Management software, Geberit has saved 1-2 working days per month. Digital automation has helped Geberit to:

Digitalise the entire expense process

Geberit now has a simpler way of automating their expense journey.

Employees can process their receipts digitally and the finance team can reimburse costs without the need for physical receipts.

Submit claims with a mobile app

Webexpenses Mobile App has been a useful tool for Geberit’s team. Elize Webb, Junior Management Accountant at Geberit UK, says, “It has made the process more user-friendly and easier for all. I love it!”

Now, employees can snap a picture of their receipt and automatically upload it into their Webexpenses account. Beforehand, they would have to keep hold of receipts and attach it to an excel spreadsheet.

Save time and improve other processes

By saving a significant amount of time each month, Geberit now has more time to improve other processes across the organisation.

Geberit’s move to automation has paired well with the transition to working remotely throughout the pandemic. Employees can submit expenses online - whether they’re at home, in the office, or on the road. This has allowed finance teams to reimburse employees quicker.

Now, Geberit are optimistic about improving and automating further systems in the future.

What is Geberit’s top piece of advice for businesses looking to automate finance processes?

Christine Morris, Finance Director at Geberit, says, “Invest the time to implement automated processes. The long term benefits are great!”