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Who are RocketMill?

RocketMill is the largest employee-owned digital agency in the UK. Founded in 2009, the team unites performance marketing with creativity to help brands beat their competition with services including, analytics, strategy, SEO, UX and paid media.

RocketMill boasts a multitude of clients across a variety of verticals and offers best-in-class digital and brand strategy that drives business value to National Geographic Kids, Kimberly-Clark, Dropbox and Webexpenses.


Why RocketMill chose Webexpenses

RocketMill needed a solution that could grow at the quick pace at which they are expanding as a business. With their team growing by +45% to 150 employees in the last 12 months, and offices in Brighton and London, RocketMill was looking for a system that would offer increased functionality with integration into Xero. Webexpenses were the perfect fit.


What did RocketMill's expense process look like before Webexpenses?

Having understood the need to automate their expenses process, RocketMill were initially trialling a simple expense management tracking tool to log claims. What became clear is that as a business they needed to look to a solution like Webexpenses that could grow with them and allow for extra functionality and integrations.

Being able to detail expense claims in line with policies including mileage calculations and carbon footprint tracking was important for RocketMill. With remote employees, a mobile app to expense claims on the go was a must-have.

Prior to automating expenses, RocketMill had used a manual process relying on physical paper receipts. This time-consuming process restricted their finance team, wasting valuable time and often leading to missing receipts.


How has Webexpenses helped to solve their problems?

Charlie Roberts, Senior Finance Manager at RocketMill explained that since the COVID-19 pandemic, as well as their introduction of Working from Home, it was no longer possible to collect all paper receipts to be expensed.

Webexpenses has allowed their employees to simply 'snap a picture of the receipt and upload it,' where a manager can then view and approve their claim.

Webexpenses' OCR scanning means that details such as the 'supplier, date and amount' are picked up instantly, saving the team time as well as allowing them to store all the claims in one place.

It was also crucial that the system integrated with their accounting software Xero. Webexpenses allows for direct integration with Xero meaning that expense claims can be viewed on Xero within seconds.


What advice would RocketMill give to other businesses using a manual process?

Charlie Roberts recommends investing in a platform such as Webexpenses to allow users to upload and submit their expense claims from their smartphones. This makes it 'easier for both the claimant and the finance team when processing the claims.' On average RocketMill saves up to half a day's worth of work per month using Webexpenses.


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