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Who are All We Can?

All We Can is an international development and relief organisation, focusing on serving the world's most marginalised communities. The team helps to find solutions to poverty by engaging with local people and organisations in some of the world's poorest communities to end the suffering caused by inequality and injustice.

The Charity is rooted in its Christian faith and works through partnerships to aid the global neighbours most impacted by disasters, and poverty to enable flourishing and resilient communities.

What made you choose Webexpenses?

Prior to automating their expenses process, employee expenses were listed on spreadsheets and all of the receipts were attached to a spreadsheet summary for processing. These records were then stored in paper archives which took valuable time away from the finance team and increased the chance of human error.

In order to eliminate this manual process, All We Can chose Webexpenses due to how 'user-friendly' the interface was. Webxexpenses has allowed the charity to remove the barriers that delayed the expense claims, by feeding credit card data meaning that all transactions are accounted for and employees receive their expense reimbursements promptly.

Webexpenses has considerably reduced the finance departments' processing time, and even team members who are 'less tech-savvy' have been able to navigate and use the system.

All We Can's journey to net-zero

All We Can are in the process of reducing its carbon footprint in order to achieve net-zero emissions. Webexpenses has eliminated the need for the charity's employees to submit paper receipts to their finance teams. The team can now submit expense claims digitally and allow finance teams to approve these claims online.

Not only does this remove any paper requirements, but it also saves significant time and improves spend visibility.

The Carbon Tracking feature was essential for All We Can as it has allowed them 'to track and report of our carbon footprint' and the ability to select vehicle type helps to make this more accurate.

How much time have you saved with Webexpenses?

We spoke to Vince Jobson, Head of Operations and Resources at All We Can, who estimates that the team saves up to three working days a month by automating their expense process.

This has allowed his team to spend valuable time on other things, now that their 'expense claims pretty much look after themselves now' as a result of their custom expense policy which they have built into their solution.

What advice would All We Can offer to other businesses?

Vince Jobson recommends switching to Webexpenses, explaining that "with a small amount of effort, you can gain huge savings in time and efficiency which by far offset the small cost to run the solution."


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